Cycling Edinburgh

Cycling Quiz

How well do you know your way round the local bike network? Try this quiz and find out.

There are no prizes. The quiz is for fun only, and only you will see your score.

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1. What is the total length of all officially-designated off-road cycle paths within Edinburgh?

2. Photo 1 shows a cast-iron millennium marker, a familiar site along the National Cycle Network (NCN). Which company paid for 1,000 of these posts to be erected to mark the launch of the network?

3. NCN Route 1 follows the former Princes Street - Barnton railway, which became a goods-only line when passenger services ceased in 1951. What building now occupies the site of the line's former terminus at Davidson's Mains Goods Yard?

4. A little further out, NCN 1 crosses Cramond Brig. Which body of water does the bridge span?

5. NCN 1 also follows the path of the Innocent Railway from St. Leonard's towards Brunstane. According to information boards along the route, why was it called the Innocent Railway?

6. The Water of Leith path starts in Leith and ends 19 km. later, near which building?

7. What is the building depicted in Photo 2, adjacent to the Water of Leith path?

8. On the Union Canal towpath, where would you see signs requesting cyclists to dismount and walk?

9. What is the familiar landmark shown in Photo 3?

10. Pedalling along the canal towpath, you pass a dry dock and a series of artworks (including several seats) depicting the canal's history. Where are you?

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